The Most Flattering Hair Styles Based On Your Neckline

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Is it just me or does it seem party season is now year round? Wedding season goes into holiday festivities, with charity functions sprinkled in between. I'm not complaining because I love playing dress-up. However, it can be easy to fall back on your go-to hair routine. So, in order to avoid the same tired look, I rounded up the beauty experts to share the most flattering hairstyles based on your fancy frock's neckline.

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For instance, a low neckline, like a strapless, provides the most hair versatility. Your options include a blowout, Veronica Lake curls or a boho beach waves, says Thumbtack hair artist Jonathan Reisfeld.

Le Secret d'AudreyGet high.

"Updos flatter a high neckline," says Jonathan. "Mainly because a higher cut takes away from the length of the neck, especially if the material is dark." He points out the fact that darker fabrics remove the illusion of length and space, whereas lighter colors create a longer neck. The higher the neckline, the higher your hairstyle should be. He recommends going with an updo such as a top knot or a braided chignon, which provides length to the back of the neck

Bring sexy back.

Updos are also perfect for an open back dress. If you're opting for this cut, you likely want to show it off. Holly Pistas, artistic director and hair designer at Gordon Salon, suggests a look that is up and off the neck. "Keep hair up towards the crown of the head or brought to the front to keep it clean and sexy," she says. "Long hair can be curled and pinned to one side for a sultry feel."

Apryl Ann PhotographyAvoid the cold shoulder.

The one-shoulder look is tricky to pull off because, at first glance, it looks like any style works. However, if you've ever worn one before, you know the struggle of styling your hair to balance the asymmetrical outfit. Holly recommends structured looks that keep hair pulled back and out of the way such as a low side bun, pulled apart fishtail braid or long cascading curls swept to one side.

Clayton AustinKeep halters classy.

For a halter neck go up and off the neck says Dailin Davila, a stylist at G2o Spa + Salon in Boston. "You want to highlight how the strap hugs the neck and if you have a low updo it covers up the fabric." Whether it's a soft and romantic look like a braided crown or a super polished style like a high ponytail, Dailin says you can't go wrong.

Holly agrees, saying "the top knot or a swept up style looks best because it prevents hair from rubbing on fabric. Which if that happens, can lead to a sloppy and disheveled look as the night progresses."

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Opt for simplicity when showing off your d├ęcolletage.

Sweetheart and v-neck cut garments bring a lot of attention to the bust area. Keep it classy with a faux bob or messy French twist, says Holly. "The cut speaks for itself, especially if it's a plunging v-neck. It's a bold statement in and of itself, therefore, you don't need to draw more attention to it." She recommends finishing the look off with a pair of statement earrings or a simple necklace.

And remember, details such as texture, braiding, or hairpieces add another layer to your outfit's vibe says Dailin. Consider those elements (and your own outfits fabric and embellishments) when deciding on how to rock your hair. Ximena N. Larkin is a writer and publicist. She lives in Chicago with her husband and dog. More at:

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