'The most famous guest' on 'Masked Singer' was just revealed during the Season 5 premiere

The Masked Singer returned for season 5 Wednesday night, introducing us to the Russian Doll, the Seashell, the Raccoon, the Porcupine, and the Snail. Unfortunately, the latter didn't quite snail it, as he was the first mystery celebrity to be unmasked. So, who was the Snail?

It's safe to say that in the history of the show, we've never had a reveal quite like this – it was the one and only Kermit the Frog. While the mystery singer underneath did have a Kermit sounding voice, the most famous muppet's appearance was so unexpected, that no one actually predicted it to be him.

Fox had been promising that this would be a “game-changing season” of the celebrity cosplaying competition, and this was certainly the series’ most brain-breaking and possibly internet-breaking unmasking (as well as the cutest). Panelist Ken Jeong exclaimed, “The most famous guest on The Masked Singer ever!"

Since Kermit popping out of the shell of a huge snail is one of the greatest moments to ever happen on the show, some viewers were going crazy over the "awesome" unmasking, while others were upset that Kermit got voted off.

And while Kermit sadly didn't get to stay on the show longer to sing songs about rainbows,before he said snail you later, he gave one last performance after stating, "It's not easy being green, but sometimes it's even harder being a snail!"