These are the most famous ghosts in American history

Marah Alindogan

There are many tales of ghosts throughout history -- so who are some of the spookiest?

The History Channel compiled a list of some of the most famous ghosts throughout American history, and it'll definitely have you feeling scared.

There's plenty of White House hauntings on the list -- with a few former first ladies still roaming inside America's most famous house.

Former U.S. president John Adams and his wife Abigail were the first inhabitants of the White House. It turns out Abigail never left! Supposedly the ghost of Abigail has been seen hurrying toward the East Room where she used to hang her laundry. You better watch out President Trump ...

Likewise, the ghost of former president Andrew Jackson is believed to still be in his old bedroom -- the Rose Room -- at the White House. Twenty years after Jackson's death, Mary Todd Lincoln, a devout believer in the spirit world, told friends that she'd heard him stomping through the corridors of the White House.

Check out the slideshow above for the complete list of America's spookiest ghosts.

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