This Is The Most Expensive U.S. City For Air Travel Right Now

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TravelPerk has just named the most expensive U.S. city for air travel, any guess which city takes the title?

After considering rising fuel prices and the global economic downturn, there is one clear dominating city for rising prices: New York. The combination of high prices, busy airports and staff shortages all come into effect for New York travelers.

It seems fair to say that for many, travel to New York this Summer has been almost unbelievably expensive. JC Taunay-Bucalo, chief revenue officer at TravelPerk, said that increased airfares in cities like New York are a direct result of “increased fuel costs, labor shortages, and disruptions in the global economy.” Worse, Taunay-Bucalo predicts that this rising trend will continue for the rest of the year.

New York is the most expensive U.S. city for air travel right now

TravelPerk confirmed that travel costs in the Eastern U.S. have ‘increased the most’ in the second quarter, being the highest within the States. New York is even considered to be one of the main cities for rising air travel costs globally. New York occupies the entire top three for most dear airfares during the April 1 – June 30 period.

Fares for the popular New York-Paris route have seen an overwhelming 62% increase, the steepest rise on the list. The New York-Amsterdam route is up by a significant 36% compared to the first quarter.

Amid the rising prices, August and September might prove to be the best months to travel. Fares should drop significantly, even if temporarily. Once again, travelers can expect to see a rise ahead of new hikes predicted for November and December.

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