The most delicious and loaded baked potato recipes on TikTok

While classic toppings like butter and sour cream are always delicious, here are 5 creative baked potato recipes to up your spud game. 1. This Philly cheesesteak loaded baked potato has all the classic ingredients including steak, butter, onions, peppers, and 3 different kinds of cheeses. 2. This seafood baked potato brings some nautical flavors to the classic baked potato. Ingredients include shrimp, spinach, peppers, onions, tomatoes, and plenty of cream and cheese. 3. This cheesy twice baked potato is a cheese lover’s paradise. After you’ve baked the potato, remove its soft center and mix it with butter, parmesan cheese, sharp cheddar, paprika, and onion powder. Return the mixture to the original potato and bake it again. 4. These egg stuffed baked potatoes make an excellent hearty breakfast with plenty of protein too. The best part? Splitting the yolk before eating. 5. This broccoli and bacon stuffed baked potato is delicious and flavorful! Other ingredients include bacon, sour cream, cream cheese, and butter