Most Breathable Golf Shoes 2022

 Most Breathable Golf Shoes
Most Breathable Golf Shoes

Most Breathable Golf Shoes 

Playing golf on a hot summer's day is one of life's simple joys. With the sun on your back and your golf clubs in hand, nothing much else matters. What isn't so enjoyable is returning to the clubhouse with sodden, smelly feet that have been suffocated in a pair of unbreathable shoes. Not all of the best golf shoes are fully breathable, so you have to be careful which ones you pick and choose. The modern, seam-sealed, fully waterproof war horses that get us through the wet winter months are fantastic, but come the summer they can be cumbersome and get rather sweaty.

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That's why moving to a very lightweight - often mesh - golf shoe in the warmer months can leave your feet dry and comfortable on even the hottest summer days. Of course, you don't get as much waterproof protection from these shoes, but hopefully you won't need it at the height of summer or if you're on a golf holiday somewhere warm.

Here, we've collated some of the best spikeless golf shoes and best spiked golf shoes that are highly breathable and ideal to wear in warm weather. Check out our guide to the best casual golf shoes if you're looking for something to wear on or off the golf course and our guide on the best golf shoes for walking has you covered if you're after a slipper-like pair of golf shoes.

Most Breathable Golf Shoes

Ecco Biom C4 Shoe review
Ecco Biom C4 Shoe review

Ecco Biom C4 Shoe

Sizes: 6-12 | Colors: 4 (White, Navy, White/Black, Grey/Blue)

Supreme comfort

Incredibly soft leather upper

All-over breathability

Suitable for all feet widths

Toe area prone to staining

One of the most technology-packed spikeless golf shoes we've tested this year, the Ecco Biom C4 seriously impressed us with its overall comfort, grip, style and breathability. It's built nicely on the foundations of the excellent Biom H4, which carries over into 2022, but the new sneaker-style has won our hearts from a style perspective, and the performance is there to match.

The Biom C4 uses Ecco's Exhaust Grid technology that scoops fresh air towards the sole of the foot to keep it cool. This, combined with Gore-Tex surround and breathable Ortholite insole makes this the most breathable shoe we've tested in 2022 by some stretch. Another excellent touch from Ecco is that the insole is removable to allow for more width in the shoe. This will make the Biom C4 suitable for those with wider feet and there was still the same amount of comfort and cushioning with the first insole removed.

I's certainly a step in the more athletic direction for an Ecco shoe, and we think this aesthetic move will attract golfers of all ages into Ecco shoes - we think these are some of the best looking golf shoes this year

adidas-zg21-hero, Best Golf Shoes
adidas-zg21-hero, Best Golf Shoes

Adidas ZG21 Golf Shoes

Sizes: 6.5-12.5 | Colors: 5 Men's and Women's (Black, Grey, White/Silver, White/Green)

Extremely lightweight

Lots of performance on offer for the price

Limited colour options

Two years in the making and designed to provide golfers with a high-performance shoe that is extremely lightweight and comfortable, the ZG21 from adidas is straight onto our list as it is comfortably one of the best golf shoes of recent times. It weighs just 13 ounces, making it 20 per cent lighter than adidas’ Tour360 XT shoe and lighter than many of its competitor’s models. The lighter the shoe, the easier they will be to walk in and the less sweaty you'll likely get.

As well as the renowned Boost technology, the new Lightstrike cushioning, which has been used in other sports, provides comfort and stability throughout the swing. The four-layer upper is waterproof, while the ultra-thin TPU outsole features strategically placed cleats to optimise traction.

ecco-biom-h4-shoe-web, Best Golf Shoes
ecco-biom-h4-shoe-web, Best Golf Shoes

Ecco Biom H4 Golf Shoes

Sizes: 6.5-12.5 | Colors: 4 Men’s (White, Black, Grey, White) 4 Women’s (White, Black, Pink, White)

Stylish and extremely comfortable

Ample grip from different lies and protection from the elements

More expensive than most of the other shoes on the list

Three years on from the Biom Hybrid 3, the H4 was given some big upgrades, making it one of the best Ecco shoes ever made. The leather upper has a premium feel and the GORE-TEX membrane is breathable and fully waterproof.

Traction and stability come from the new MTN Grip outsole, which features Ecco’s Fluidform technology as well as TPU inserts that secure the foot comfortably in place. Additionally, the H4 design is sportier and more athletic than its predecessor, making it suitable for wear on and off the course.

We found them to be extremely comfortable and Ecco really nailed the looks. The shoe looks traditional in a lot of ways but also has pops of color and subtle features that add to the shelf appeal.

FootJoy HyperFlex Golf Shoes
FootJoy HyperFlex Golf Shoes

FootJoy HyperFlex Golf Shoes

Sizes: 6-12 | Colors: 4 Men's (Grey, Blue, Black, Grey) 2 Women's (Black, Grey)

Modern, athletic styling

Extremely comfortable, excellent fit and traction

Absence of a traditional tongue makes it more tricky to slide your feet in

Along with the athletic styling and brand new outsole, the FootJoy HyperFlex benefits from a completely new Wrapid BOA fastening system designed to completely eliminate pressure points for the ultimate fit and feel. It also comes in a traditional laced version too. We tested the BOA option and FootJoy has done a pretty good job at concealing the mechanism and the laces.

We noticed the feeling of even pressure across the foot it provided instantly - it was surprisingly pleasant. Your feet and shoe feel like one unit, fully connected with no unwanted movements inside, which certainly seemed to help use the ground more effectively during the swing.

Underfoot it feels soft but with a good amount of support too. The ridges in the outsole allow it flex when you walk, so you don’t feel fatigued coming up the 18th, but there’s also more than enough grip on offer when trying to reach par fives in two with an aggressive swing.

Golf shoe close up pictured
Golf shoe close up pictured

Duca Del Cosma Flyer Shoes

Sizes: 7-11 | Colors: 1 Men's (Navy/Kobalt)

Foam and waterproofing create comfort

Something a little different

Only one colour to choose from

Fashion and style underpin Duca del Cosma’s brand ethos, but there’s plenty of technology packed into the Flyer shoe that makes it a practical as well as more casual golf shoe. Chief among which is the waterproof but breathable internal bootie membrane, meaning external water is kept at bay while internal moisture created can escape - the ideal combination for the best breathable golf shoes. Not only this, but the memory foam Arneflex insole, which is also covered in cow leather, offers incredible comfort underfoot.

Skechers Go Golf Elite V.4
Skechers Go Golf Elite V.4

Skechers Go Golf Elite V.4 Shoe

Sizes: 6-12 | Colors: 6 (White/Navy, Grey/Red, Grey/Lime, Black, White/Red/Navy, White/Grey Victory,)

Great grip in damp conditions

Out of the box comfort

Plenty of colour options

White midsole prone to stains

There are very few shoes in this list with a full leather upper as these aren't traditionally as breathable as the mesh counterparts. However, this excellent offering from Skechers gives you the comfort and style of a leather shoe and breathability too.

Skechers used its high-performance Goga Mat cushioned insole in the Go Golf Elite V.4 and you can feel the supportive cushioning working its magic throughout the round, giving your feet an easy ride across 18 holes. Comfortably one the best Skechers golf shoes out there right now.

G/FORE MG4x2 Shoe Review
G/FORE MG4x2 Shoe Review
Editors Choice 2022
Editors Choice 2022

G/FORE MG4x2 Shoes

Sizes: 7-15 | Colors : 5 (Navy, Black, White, Grey, Poppy)

Striking looks on and off the course

No discernible lack of grip compared to spiked models

Numerous color options

Excellent comfort

Can be difficult to match with the right trousers

Hard work to keep the heavily textured areas looking clean

G/FORE is a relative newcomer with tons of style and attitude to help you stand out from the crowd. We’ve seen this with models like the Gallivanter and MG4+, and the brand’s flair is evident once again in the new spikeless MG4x2 shoes. This is a cross-trainer shoe, a multi-functional model designed for both on and off the course. A lot of golf shoes struggle to find the balance between on and off course versatility; many end up failing on one or sometimes both tasks with either the style or performance being compromised. Not so with the MG4x2 shoes.

The upper is breathable and waterproof, meaning your feet will stay dry from rain and not get too hot when temperatures rise. On course, the Sawtooth sole design offers one of the most compelling spikeless outsoles on the market even in wet and soft underfoot conditions. They also feature a moulded heel cup that prevents the heel from slipping, so your feet always feel really secure.

Under Armour HOVR Tour SL
Under Armour HOVR Tour SL

Under Armour HOVR Tour SL

Sizes: 6.5-12 | Colors: 2 (Black/Red &

One of the best spikeless outsoles on the market

Creates a 'locked-in' feeling

Still offers plenty of comfort

Slightly firm out of the box

Under Armour's latest flagship model comes in the shape of the HOVR Tour SL, a shoe with a full-knit upper and the backing of bio-mechanist Jean-Jaques Rivet. It's a bold golf shoe with even bolder claims.

The shoe uses Under Armour's proprietary Intelliknit technology that claims to overcome the performance shortfalls of a knit upper. Using 'stretch' yarns and 'lockdown' yarns combined, the shoe gives you support in the parts of the foot where you need it most, and flexibility elsewhere. This knit upper also aids breathability and comfort as well.

Additionally the highlight of this shoe is the spikeless outsole. By using a mixture of TPU on the centre of the outsole and rubber nubs on the toe and heel, Under Armour has built a shoe on one of the best spikeless outsoles currently on the market.

Skechers Pro 5 Hyper Golf Shoe review
Skechers Pro 5 Hyper Golf Shoe review
Editors Choice 2022
Editors Choice 2022

Skechers Pro 5 Hyper Golf Shoe

Sizes: 7.5-13 | Colors: 3 (Black/Red; Grey/Red; Blue/White)

Arch Fit technology offers class-leading cushioning

Softspikes are easily replaceable

Low profile look with excellent grip

Would be nice to have a full-leather upper

Skechers' flagship model for 2022, the Pro Golf 5 Hyper shoe takes comfort to the next level by incorporating Skechers Arch Fit technology that provides podiatrist certified support to your feet, with cushioning across the midsole. We thought this made the shoe one of the most comfortable golf shoes on this list. That Arch Fit technology also helps to reduce aches and pains in your feet as you navigate your way around 18-holes. The shoe also boasts Skechers Hyper Burst and Resamax cushioning which work in tandem to offer excellent rebound in your step.

Additionally the Hyper shoe is made from a breathable upper mesh which helped our feet remain cool and fresh during testing. We also enjoyed the grip on offer thanks to the Softspikes, which are easy to replace and prolong the life of the shoe.

Asics Gel-Ace Pro M Standard Golf Shoe lying on grass
Asics Gel-Ace Pro M Standard Golf Shoe lying on grass

Asics Gel-Ace Pro M Standard Golf Shoe

Sizes : 7-14 | Colors : 2 (Black/Pure Silver, White/Black)

Incredibly comfortable

Traditional, premium look

Limited color options to choose from

The Gel-Ace Pro M Standard is the golf shoe that Hideki Matsuyama wears on the PGA Tour, and it's an impressive new spiked option from Asics and Srixon. In our testing, the Pro M Standard offered incredible comfort right out of the box and it also proved to be supportive and stable on the course, both while swinging and walking between shots. It also offers the classic, traditional aesthetics that will appeal to purists.

Also of note, the Gel-Ace Pro M Standard is fully waterproof and we found that the shoe provided excellent breathability even on extremely hot days. It also cleaned up well after use. If there's one downside to the Pro M Standard it's that there are only two color options available but otherwise it's a great shoe, one of the most comfortable on the market and one of the best options in the spiked category.

How To Choose Golf Shoes

There are several factors to be aware of when buying golf shoes...


As you would expect, when it comes to the most breathable golf shoes, comfort is king. As we stride the fairways and greens, an uncomfortable pair can distract us from our game. We recommend trying on some models before you buy to see what you like the feel of, and be aware of some models that have specific foam technologies, or specific sole designs that are designed to house your feet in all day comfort.


All three of these things are important because they allow you to commit to golf swings and play with confidence. If a pair doesn't deliver on these then you may slip, causing a bad shot or even worse, a bad injury. As a result, many of the models above, in both spiked and spikeless designs, have specifically designed traction patterns and lugs to make sure your feet don't slip.


This is entirely subjective, but you need to make sure you like the look of your golf shoes. We've covered all shapes and sizes of golf shoe above and there's a style to suit everyone out there.


If you are going to be walking in all weather conditions then you need a waterproof model too. Thankfully most of the models above provide 100% waterproof protection and we also recommend checking out specific brands that have long waterproof warranty's. This aspect is especially important for breathable shoes if they are made from mesh fabrics because if you wear those in wet conditions and they aren't waterproof, then that will be a bad experience.


It sounds like an obvious thing to say but make sure you get the right size for your feet. It is worth trying models on and making note of brands that come up slightly smaller or larger. For example Nike often comes up half a size bigger than my normal shoe size.


Setting a budget will allow you to hone in on the most breathable golf shoes for you. Our list has covered a range of price points, but to really get an idea of a good budget golf shoe, check out our guide on the best budget golf shoes.


What makes a golf shoe breathable?

Any golf shoe that uses Gore-Tex will be extremely breathable. Gore-Tex is a material that allows sweat and heat to escape from the shoe without letting water in. Lightweight shoes tend to be more breathable too, as lighter materials mean your feet will sweat less.