The Most Anticipated Baseball Teams To Watch This Summer


SANTA MONICA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 18, 2019 / Coming in like a fast pitch, summer is quickly approaching, and the baseball season is heating up with it. As we approach the All-Star Break, teams are gaining momentum to secure their coveted position.

With teams today hitting a record-breaking number of home runs, baseball fans should be running to their team's stadium, glove-in-hand. Here are five exciting, must-see teams that will light up your summer:

Los Angeles Dodgers

A quarter through the season, the Dodgers are undisputedly the best team in Major League Baseball. Led by Cody Bellinger, a 23-year-old MVP candidate who is second in the league in home runs, Dodger games are expected to produce fireworks this year.

Houston Astros

The Houston Astros have long been known as a fun team to watch, and with their passionate fanbase, 2019 is no different. They are dominating the American League with their high power and fast-pace offense. Watching the Astros play live is a treat for any baseball fan.

Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers, led by MVP and home run leader Christian Yelich, are off to another hot start in 2019. Their dynamic, explosive offense coupled with solid pitching is drawing fans from near and far.

Kansas City Royals

While the Royals are still vying for a third World Series championship, they are revered as one of the most fun teams to watch. The team's speed and willingness to steal bases sets them apart from the league leaders. Win or lose, this exciting style of play makes Royals games well worth it.

New York Yankees

Last but certainly not least, the New York Yankees remain one of the most exciting teams in baseball. Whether it be from superstars like Giancarlo Stanton, or promising prospects like Gleyber Torres, the Yankees always find a way to keep you on your toes. You can never go wrong attending Yankee games, where the history of the sport runs deep.

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