Moses Moody could replace Klay Thompson in Warriors’ starting lineup

Klay Thompson is entering unrestricted free agency. The Golden State Warriors are widely expected to re-sign the veteran sharpshooter. Earlier this season, Thompson had a stretch of games in which he came off the Warriors bench as Steve Kerr looked to find a balance within his rotation.

Thompson could find himself occupying a bench role more consistently next season, with Moses Moody replacing him in the starting lineup. Moody has been patiently waiting for a bigger role within the Warriors rotation over the past couple of years.

“It could very well be somebody on the roster,” Kerr said. “I think our young guys are going to continue to get better. For a while we started Brandin (Podziemski) instead of Klay. So that’s a possibility. Maybe Moses moves into the starting lineup. … He’s a really good player, and he’s a young player who still has a lot of room for growth. Decision-making at both ends needs to improve. Quicker decisions. Quicker rotations defensively. Recognition of patterns.”

The Warriors boast several talented young players ready for bigger roles. Moody is among that contingent. With Thompson showing upside as a bench scorer, it could make sense for Kerr to make that role permanent, should the veteran remain in the Bay Area.

Moody, 21, could thrive in a more prominent role for Golden State, especially if he’s sharing the court with some of the team’s more experienced veterans. Whether Thompson would be willing to re-sign for a bench role will remain to be seen.

Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire