Morning Skate: Ex-Bruin Nick Boynton talks of head trauma and health issues

Joe Haggerty
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<p>NBC Sports Boston Bruins Insider Joe Haggerty takes his daily, link-filled trip around the NHL.</p>

Morning Skate: Ovechkin won't stop the party

NBC Sports Boston Bruins Insider Joe Haggerty takes his daily, link-filled trip around the NHL.

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I'm reading while everybody is absolutely on Tom Brady offseason watch right now.:
-- Nope . . . not a surprise at all that Brad Marchand was named the best chirper in the NHL by hockey fans. My favorite all-time chirp from the Nose Face Killah is still when he called somebody on the opposing bench a "grocery stick." As in he just stays on the bench to be a grocery stick separating the other players that actually play. That one's a classic.

-- Good piece by FOH (Friend of Haggs) Don Brennan on the complete mess with the Ottawa Senators, where Erik Karlsson's wife has taken out the Canadian version of a restraining order against Mike Hoffman's girlfriend because she's allegedly harassing the couple online. That kind of thing can literally destroy a team, as anybody that watched the Senators last season can attest. And if it's true, then Hoffman's girlfriend is the worst kind of person.  
-- Plenty of offseason decisions facing both the Montreal Canadiens and the Calgary Flames after both teams really hit the skids this past year. 

-- Hockey News supplies the top five destinations for free agent John Tavares, who apparently is going to fly the coop from the New York Islanders
-- A courageous piece on Players Tribune from former Bruins defenseman Nick Boynton, in which he talks about his current battles with his mental health after a long, hit-filled NHL career with a lot of concussions involved.  

 -- Did the Pittsburgh Penguins protect the wrong goalie in the Vegas expansion draft when they allowed Marc-Andre Fleury to depart? My, that's a provocative question. 
-- For something completely different: This plan that George Lucas had for a sequel trilogy sounds like some next level suckage. I really had some issues with the Last Jedi, but this would have been so, so much worse.

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