More on Deion Jennings' commitment to Rutgers

Bobby Deren, Editor
Scarlet Nation

Rutgers’ newest commitment, Deion Jennings, hails from a familiar place as Timber Creek High School has made it a habit of sending its players to the state university. The class of 2018 defensive back brings a lot of upside to the program and Timber Creek head coach Rob Hinson talked about what Rutgers is getting in Jennings.

“The big thing is his versatility. He has grown a lot,” Hinson said. “Now, he is a legitimate 6-foot-1, 200 pounds. He has cover skills but he is probably not going to play cornerback in college. He can be that safety that can come down in the box and also cover a No.2 receiver. He brings a lot of versatility. He just turned 17 last week, so I don’t think he is finished growing. So there is no telling where he is going to be.”

Hinson also mentioned that Jennings could develop into an outside linebacker at the college level.

“That would make him one of those real special outside guys. He was not an outside guy growing up, but he had better cover skills than a typical linebacker would. In a couple of years, we are really going to see what he is going to be. Whatever position he winds up playing, he is going to be a real special player.”

Jennings’ recruitment was not a huge one, but there is a reason behind that.

“He grew several inches over the offseason and put on some size. I think he might have been 5-foot-10, 180 [pounds] last season,” Hinson said. “He has grown a lot and he has always had the athletic ability, so he is really just starting to scratch the surface of his potential.”

Off the field, Jennings also received a ringing endorsement from his head coach.

“He is a super kid and he is still a kid,” Hinson said of Jennings. “Everyone loves him, he is always smiling and is just a really good kid.”

Rutgers currently has three Timber Creek alum on its 2017 roster as it is becoming a popular recruiting spot for the Scarlet Knight coaching staff.

“It’s a good deal. Sometimes guys want to spread their wings and go other places and that is totally their choice. But in this situation, the accessibility to their families is there. Rutgers is in the Big Ten conference and it is just a good situation for a lot of kids.”

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