More context on Jonathan Kraft’s role with Patriots ahead of NFL draft

It was reported earlier this week that New England Patriots president Jonathan Kraft would be “heavily-involved” in the decision-making for the Patriots, per The Athletic’s Dianna Russini.

However, a follow up to the report from Russini offered more in-depth talking points on the initial news.

Russini wrote:

A longtime league executive says this is a more involved ownership, with a group of scouts presenting the information and a head coach and general manager charged with filling a depleted roster. The team has yet to award the title of general manager to Eliot Wolf, who is running point, and it has shifted to a more collaborative process overseen by Jonathan Kraft. Ownership is allowing the football decision-makers to make the calls while keeping open a constant line of communication. But make no mistake, the Krafts know everything that is going on, as they should.

The initial report caused quite a stir, with Twitter reacting strongly to the news. New England has a chance to reset the franchise with the multiple ways they could use the No. 3 pick.

This follow up likely provides relief for many Patriots fans, given that the organization as a whole should be on the same page.

Ownership controlling the entire draft would not exactly be the best-case scenario, as New England looks to rebuild the organization for the second time in four years. A collaborative effort would certainly be an ideal way to do things.

Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire