Moose on the Loose: Exclamation point

Moose on the Loose: Exclamation point

NEW YORK (PIX11) — How could you not love Jalen Brunson?

He is not a physically imposing athlete. He was not tabbed to be a star coming out of college. He was a second-round pick out of Villanova. His free-agent signing with the Knicks was not celebrated; many so-called NBA experts mocked it.

Yet, here is Brunson, dropping in 47 points on a Sunday afternoon in Philly, leading the Knicks to a Game 4 victory over the 76’ers.

He has let his play lead the way. He has something that you cannot teach, either you are born with it or not, he has a tremendous compete level. He is a winner, and Sunday’s performance set a new playoff franchise record.

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His hard work and leadership have rubbed off on this team. He is excellent, and he was not expected to be. He leads a group that was not hand-picked.

Not ring chasing.

Not one superstar after another.

The Knicks are likable because they exemplify this city. Hard-working, tough, physical, no fear and relentless. They are the true definition of a team in the mold of head coach Tom Thibodeau.

The Knicks are the city’s team, and this franchise is led by an absolute warrior in Jalen Brunson. His will, belief and hard work have led him here. He wanted to be a Knick, and he has blossomed into a superstar in the last two years.

People have always put limitations on Brunson throughout his career.

No more.

Knicks fans have waited years for a savior to walk through the door and save the franchise. Little did they know it was Jalen Brunson. He changed everything, and his performance yesterday is no longer surprising because he is great.

Until next time, New York, I’m Marc Malusis.

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