Moore connection sends Tish County to 4A final

Feb. 28—JACKSON — The game as a whole was ugly, but the ending was a thing of beauty for Tishomingo County.

Meg Moore's basket with 24 seconds left proved to be the winning points, as the Braves edged Quitman 37-34 in the Class 4A semifinals at the Mississippi Coliseum on Wednesday.

kAm%:D9 r@F?EJ H:== 7246 |@CE@? :? $2EFC52J'D E:E=6 82>6]k^Am

kAm|@@C6'D 3F46 @? 2 A2DD 7C@> 96C @=56C D:DE6C[ #66D6 |@@C6[ H9@ C63@F?565 96C @H? >:DD 2?5 E96? 7@F?5 |68 @? E96 =@H 3=@4 5C:G:?8 E@ E96 8@2=[ 2?5 x H2D =:6 @77[" #66D6 |@@C6 D2:5] "$@ x EFC?65 2?5 x D9@E 2?5 H2D =:J 3C62E9 H96? D96 D9@E :E[ 9@A:?8 :E H@F=5 8@ :?]"k^Am

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kAm%96 7:CDE 92=7 H2D 2 D=@8 7@C 3@E9 E62>D] %96 qC2G6D =65 'a\" 2E 92=7E:>6[ 2E H9:49 A@:?E E96C6 H6C6 2 4@>3:?65 b_ EFC?@G6CD 2?5 ;FDE '_ 7:6=5 8@2=D]k^Am

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