Monticello girls' soccer not done yet

May 4—Sports Editor Matt Daniels caught up with Monticello coach David McDaniel before his Sages host a Class 1A regional:

Your team is 20-3 before postseason play starts next Saturday and has set a single-season school record for wins. How much fun has this season been?

This season has been a memorable one. Early in the season, we won a tournament down south as the smallest school, and I think the girls realized then that we could make something special of this season. The energy at practice has been contagious and we've really been able to drill down more into details and commit to getting better. We have a lot of respect for teams in the area and several have beaten us for many years. It is good to see us turning some of those same matches into competitive ones and several into wins. Our hope is that this program stays as a respected one in the area and each player has been a contributor in that process.

Why is this group having success?

Accountability has been a big part of our season. We have a lot of upperclassmen with varying levels of soccer experience and a fair amount of new players as well. Our leaders have done well integrating the new players and many have taken big steps this year. Over half the roster has scored a goal and over half have tallied an assist also.

What would it mean if this team wins the program's first regional title since 2009?

It would mean a lot to win it on our home turf and go from there. We have a competitive regional, and a lot of respect for the teams in it. Every team is 0-0 and seeds/stats don't matter. Our focus is to leave it all on the field. We will be ready.