Monta Ellis calls out his former team's last-second play (Video)

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Monta Ellis calls out his former team's last-second play (Video)
Monta Ellis calls out his former team's last-second play (Video)

Over the course of a decade spent in the NBA, Monta Ellis has played for six coaches. Of all his bosses, Dallas Mavericks sideline stalker Rick Carlisle might be the most widely respected, so one wouldn’t blame Monta for paying a significant strain of attention during his two seasons spent with the Mavs between 2013 and 2015.

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Now a Pacer, Monta led his Indiana teammates into Carlisle’s home on Saturday afternoon for what turned out to be an impressive road win. Not content with his 17 points and seven assists in the final seconds of action, Ellis appeared to call out his former club’s last second play as the Mavericks lined up out of a timeout.


Rick Carlisle is one of the more innovative coaches in the NBA, offensively-speaking, but with no five-point play in the book (with his team down 115-111) he did fall backward a bit into the orthodox in setting up a Spurs-styled curl into a corner three-pointer.

And Monta had it all sussed out.

The Mavericks have lost five straight and 11 of 16 overall. Monta’s hip to the square didn’t exactly set the team reeling on Saturday – again, Dallas was down four points with just 17 seconds remaining – but the call-out certainly didn’t help.

(Hat tip: Deadspin.)

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