Monkey King announced at The International 2016

Monkey King announced at TI6 (Valve)
Monkey King announced at TI6 (Valve)

The first hero exclusive to Dota 2 is has been announced: Monkey King.

After Digital Chaos brought down Fnatic in the losers bracket semifinals, the sound of drums filled KeyArena, followed by a marital arts demonstration. Then, the Monkey King appeared on screen. This is the second hero to be announced at TI6, after Underlord on Thursday.

The new hero has been rumored since the days of DotA All-Stars, in which he was supposed to be the final hero made for the mod. Once IceFrog moved to Valve, it was indefinitely put on hold. Now, it seems that he will finally make an appearance in Valve’s MOBA.

Valve didn’t reveal anything about his abilities, but the video implies that he will be illusion-based. We’ll let you know anything we find out as soon as the developer reveals more.

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