'If you have the money, you should be allowed to spend it'

City Ground general view
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On the latest episode of BBC Radio Nottingham's Shut Up and Show More Football podcast, David Jackson talks to the club's former chief executive Paul Faulkner about the Premier League's profit and sustainability rules after Forest's four-point deduction.

Faulkner worked at the City Ground in the 2014-15 season and was in a senior role at Aston Villa when the financial rules first came into effect during the 2015-16 campaign.

"Going way back to the days when it was called FFP, I was chief executive at Villa and we were against the introduction of the rules and voted against it," he explained.

"Ultimately we were on the wrong side of that. I think there were four or five clubs that voted against it.

"Back then the fundamental reason was a point of principle. We didn't really believe in artificial constraints on the market.

"If you have the money, you should be allowed to spend it. We were totally for stopping the situation where unscrupulous owners took advantage of football clubs or were writing cheques they couldn't afford or putting clubs at risk.

"We were saying there has got to be a different set of rules for stopping people who don't have the money from buying a club or from getting into that situation. What it didn't need was this FFP construct which felt like it would be anti-competitive.

"It felt like 'how are you going to encourage new entrants, or people to look at clubs and want to invest if you are limited in what you can do with that club on the pitch and off it?'"

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