Monday night was NFL's 650th regular-season overtime game, 3rd to end on punt return TD

Xavier Gipson did something rare in NFL history on Monday night.

Gipson won the game for the Jets with a punt return touchdown in overtime, and it was just the third time in NFL history that a punt was returned for a touchdown in overtime. Bills-Jets was the 650th regular-season overtime game in NFL history.

Of those 650 games, the Jets are just the 12th team in NFL history to win after kicking off in overtime, without their offense ever taking the field.

The Jets were the 280th team to win in overtime after losing the coin toss. In 341 overtime games the team winning the coin toss has on the game, and 29 overtime games have ended tied. So the team winning the coin toss has a .547 winning percentage.

It was the 175th overtime game to end with a touchdown, compared to 443 that have ended with a field goal, three that have ended with a safety and 29 ties.