Monday's Morning Email: An American Sickness: How Domestic Violence Often Underpins Mass Shootings



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AN AMERICAN TRAGEDY How America’s mass shooting crisis is rooted in its domestic violence problem. The Texas church shooter’s ex-wife said she lived in constant fear of Devin Patrick Kelley. Tearful church members reunited a week after the tragedy to worship in a baseball field. And the church itself has been transformed into a memorial for the victims. [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook] PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP TRIED TO DISTANCE HIMSELF FROM HIS SATURDAY CLAIMS That he believed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s insistence that there was no Russian interference in the U.S. election. Condemnation of Trump’s statement from former intelligence chiefs was swift. [HuffPost] HUNDREDS DEAD AFTER EARTHQUAKE HITS BORDER OF IRAN AND IRAQ At least 332 were killed and over 2,500 injured. [Reuters] THE NANTUCKET DA IS REPORTEDLY PLANNING ON INTERVIEWING A TEEN KEVIN SPACEY ACCUSER About the alleged sexual assault of the 19-year-old. Meanwhile, actor Richard Dreyfuss denies exposing himself to a writer. Rebel Wilson detailed how a “male star” sexually harassed her. Gal Gadot is reportedly refusing to return for “Wonder Woman 2” if producer Brett Ratner, who has been accused of sexual misconduct, continues to stay on board. And hundreds in Hollywood marched to protest the rampant reports of sexual harassment and assault. [HuffPost] HOW DOES TRUMP’S CHIEF OF STAFF DEAL WITH THE TWEETS? HE IGNORES THEM “Believe it or not, I do not follow the tweets.” [HuffPost] THE INTRIGUE AROUND LEBANON’S PRIME MINISTER CONTINUES Saad al-Hariri said Sunday he plans to return to Lebanon from Saudi Arabia in two or three days amid rumors he had been coerced into staying. He also hinted that he could take back his shock resignation. [HuffPost]


LEGENDARY GOSSIP COLUMNIST LIZ SMITH HAS DIED She was 94. At her peak, Smith was earning $1 million a year for her syndicated column. [HuffPost] AMID ALL THE SEXUAL ASSAULT NEWS People took to Twitter to share stories of “good” celebrities, and there are some heartwarmers. [HuffPost] THE ROCKEFELLER CENTER CHRISTMAS TREE HAS ALREADY ARRIVED All 75 feet of it. Yes, it is only November 13. [HuffPost] IN A TROLLING UPDATE Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry hung out the day Taylor Swift dropped her new album. Doesn’t seem to have made much of a difference. As expected, Taylor Swift’s record is selling crazy numbers ― potentially top seller of 2017 numbers. [HuffPost] COMPANY BLAMES ITS SEX TOY’S SECRET AUDIO RECORDINGS ON ‘MINOR BUG’ Sounds super minor. [HuffPost] BEFORE YOU GO

Disneyland shut down two of its cooling towers after a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak sickened 12. That time Trump called the leader of North Korea “short and fat.” “The rise and stall of the fourth Reich.” Advertisers are ditching Sean Hannity for his coverage of Roy Moore, and some people responded by bashing their Keurig machines. Meanwhile, Sen. Pat Toomey called on Roy Moore to step aside in the Alabama Senate race following the allegations of sexual misconduct with teenagers. The harassment scandal is roiling statehouses. How Louis C.K. has been baiting us. Joe Biden continues to drop massive 2020 hints. Greta Gerwig’s star keeps on rising. Carrie Underwood broke her wrist in a fall. Baby it’s cold outside, so break out the baking recipes. The best shows on Netflix to stream right now ― a Margaret Atwood series tops the list. The value of Bitcoins dropped by more than 25 percent in the last few days. Take a look at HuffPost’s 360-degree film series on the diseases the world ignores. Breaking down why the “most incompetent” people think they’re the best. The new Trump handshake for the ages. Read this before you buy a home with someone you’re not married to. “SNL” hilariously trolled the current batch of Democratic leaders. “The wildest place in America that you’ve never heard of.” Turns out surveillance cameras made by China are hanging all around the U.S.


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