Mom's wipeable 'glam board' is perfect practice for future makeup artists

Myriam Sandler (@mothercould) is a parent who shares a variety of DIY activities and life hacks on TikTok. Myriam loves creating fun activities and games for kids, and recently shared an activity that’s perfect for kids who are interested in art or makeup. In the video, Myriam shows how she creates a “glam board” that lets kids practice their makeover skills. The glam board is a cardboard poster decorated with the outlines of eyes, lips, and hands, which kids can add “makeup” to by coloring in the outlines with paint. To make the glam board, Myriam draws the outlines of eyes, lips, and hands onto a piece of cardboard with a permanent marker. Next, she laminates the board using transparent tape. The tape not only makes the board more durable, but allows kids to easily erase anything they draw on the board. The wipeable glam board is perfect for letting kids who are enthusiastic about makeup practice their makeover skills and let their creativity shine. Parents and viewers jumped into the comments section to show their love for the creative activity. “Such a fun hack!” one grateful parent wrote