Mom's unexpected haircut sends TikTok into a tailspin

TikTok user @abbyfaithlabial shared footage of her mom expressing interest in a new hairstyle via text. She didn't expect that she would actually follow through, however. Though her mom actually requested "b-girl" hair, she showed her daughter a photo of bleached "money pieces" in the front of her hair and a dark, natural color everywhere else. It's an ultra-trendy look among Gen Zers at the moment. Before the TikTok had even ended, @abbyfaithlabial's mom had already gotten her hands on the bleach. Commenters totally approved of the makeover. After gaining the support of her TikTok following, @abbyfaithlabial shared photos of her mom's finished look. Commenters were just as thrilled with the results as they were about the idea, calling the TikToker's mom "fabulous," "adorable" and a "baddie"