Mom's 'toilet roll test' is the easiest way to check toys for choking hazards

A mom's "toilet roll test" might be the cheapest babyproofing hack out there. TikTok mom Holly shares tips and tricks about child safety. She uses this simple and affordable test to determine if a toy is safe for babies and toddlers to play with unsupervised. "The toilet roll test," Holly said in the caption. "Grab a toilet roll. Grab a toy within your child's age range. Try passing it through a toilet roll". If the toy passes through the toilet roll, it isn't safe for children to use unsupervised. If the toy doesn't pass through, then your little one is good to go. "That's such an amazing test. Thanks so much," one user wrote. "That's such a good test," another said. Holly's tip is actually one touted by pediatricians. Dr. Nkeiruka Orajiaka uses the method to check toys for children up to age 3. “Anything that passes through the tube means it can go into their mouth and they can swallow it,” Orajiaka told TODAY. However, parents should also be aware that some toys have small parts and batteries that could present as choking hazards when taken apart