Mom's hilarious hack for receipts has people 'feeling attacked'

Mom's hilarious hack for receipts has people 'feeling attacked'. Anyone who uses a handbag knows they've got approximately one million receipts crumpled at the bottom of it. One mom on TikTok, who uses the handle @dollface1169, came up with the perfect "hack" for all those old receipts. The end result just might not be anything you had hoped for. The mom held a stack of crinkled receipts as she spoke directly to the camera with a deadpan tone. "Not everyone realizes this, but after you clean the pile of receipts out of your purse and stack them together, it makes a teeny tiny book about why you're broke," she joked. People found the mother's hilarious video a little too relatable. "I came here for entertainment, and instead I feel attacked," a user said

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