Mom's dollar store snow globe is the perfect fall craft for kids

TikToker Manda Lee (@amandalee3000) is a parent and artist who frequently posts clips of art projects and crafts. In one of her videos, the crafty mom shared a clever tutorial for making a DIY fall-themed snow globe. In the clip, Lee demonstrates how a trip to the local dollar store can reap big rewards in the crafting department. To make Lee’s fall “leaf globe,” you’ll need a plastic globe, glitter, sequins, ribbon, and a hot glue gun. While parents might have to do most of the heavy gluing for this craft, there are many ways children can help in the process. Let your child pick out their favorite assortment of ribbons and confetti at the dollar store for decorating their globe. During the crafting process, have them pour in their choice of sequins followed by their favorite color of glitter to help them practice fine motor skills. Let your child give their “leaf globe” a good shake while you both marvel at the shiny delights swirling around in their snow globe universe. Creative projects can also boost children’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills and help them process how they see the world around them