Mom's diaper-changing onesie hack is taking TikTok by storm

This mom’s diaper-changing onesie hack is taking TikTok by storm — and parents everywhere are lamenting they didn’t know it sooner. Keisha Leilani (@keishaleilani), a work-at-home mom of two under two — and now, thanks to her brilliant diaper hack, she can add viral sensation to her bio!. In the video, we see Keisha sitting in front of her onesie-clad baby girl. “Literally, undo the onesie, roll it up so the back goes in the back, put the arms in, then take the back of it, and literally snap it in the front!”. When Keisha has finished, her baby’s arms are tucked snugly into her rolled-up onesie, and her diaper is exposed and ready to be changed. Thanks to this simple hack, parents can now change their babies’ diapers without the fear of them reaching down and grabbing at their diaper. judging by the comments, parents at home are incredibly thankful for Keisha’s hack. “I did this working at a preschool, and working as a CNA. Save yourself, listen to her,” said one comment