Mom's cardboard iPhone hack could save kids' lives in an emergency situation

Teaching your child important phone numbers is necessary, but it’s not usually very much fun. Fortunately, TikTok user Myriam (@mothercould) has devised a fun hack for helping kids memorize phone numbers. In her video, Myriam starts by drawing an iPhone number pad onto a ziplock bag using a permanent marker. Then, she pours a little bit of hair gel into the bag and seals it up. Next, she uses a hot glue gun to attach a cardboard frame to the plastic bag, which provides structure for the makeshift phone and makes it easier to handle. Finally, she uses a dry-erase marker to write a phone number onto the bag, and shows how the number can be easily wiped off and replaced with a new one. The final product is a cardboard phone that kids can practice dialing on without worrying about accidentally placing a call. The hair gel inside the plastic bag gives the phone a squishy consistency that makes pressing the “buttons” fun for kids. “I’m literally saving these at 18 so I can make these for my babies when I’m older,” one TikToker responded. “Squishy and fun to press the numbers!” wrote another