The Momentum Agency Turns Quizzes and Funnels Into Opportunities for E-Commerce Companies

PHILADELPHIA, PA / ACCESSWIRE / March 8, 2021 / The world of e-commerce has seen its share of money-making machines. Of course, that doesn't mean that anyone with an online shop will get rich right away. Any company or individual who wants to make it big virtually will need to learn how to generate leads, build an email list, and convert that list into paying customers. The Momentum Agency has found an uncanny way to do that: interactive quizzes.

Online assessments and quizzes are some of the most engaging ways to get people's attention online. It wasn't until recently that marketers started using quizzes to generate leads, and not many companies have leveraged this rising trend. The Black- and woman-owned company, The Momentum Agency, has figured out an end-to-end process of setting up, deploying, and effectively converting leads from quizzes. As a result, the company has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs build and launch quizzes. Some have even generated up to six figures in sales.

The Momentum Agency has worked with several clients in beauty, education, social entrepreneurship, coaching, consulting, health, productivity, and many other niches. It specializes in lead generation using highly-effective lead magnets, quizzes, assessments, online ads, and other virtual client attraction tools. Taking the agency's helm is Tai Goodwin, a marketing and education professional with over 20 years of experience in learning and development. Tai worked with world-renown marketing tool, Leadpages, for a season of her professional career and has developed all kinds of courses, training programs, and certification programs for other companies.

Today, Tai Goodwin has branched out on her own and runs The Momentum Agency. The company's aim is simple: to make implementing marketing automation easier for busy entrepreneurs, so they can scale their business faster. Tai's work with various Fortune 500 companies and small businesses over the years puts her in the perfect position to create engaging strategies and effective marketing funnels that run on autopilot without requiring expensive maintenance.

In the last few months, The Momentum Agency has worked mostly with people in coaching, consultancy, and professional service firms. More specifically, the agency works with many Black entrepreneurs in the wealth and financial education space who want to start teaching more people how to leverage their resources and create generational wealth. By helping Black-owned businesses, Tai and The Momentum Agency's team hopes to inspire more women and men of color to launch their business ventures, take control of their financial lives, and pave the way for future generations of entrepreneurs that give back to their community.

The Momentum Agency recognizes the world is always changing and new marketing strategies are inevitable. As consumers have gotten smarter, entrepreneurs now realize that PDFs with lovely covers and short video courses aren't converting as much as they used to. Quizzes, however, have a much higher conversion rate, which is why Goodwin and her team advocate this strategy to as many digital marketers and business owners as possible. The Momentum Agency has also crafted the Quiz and Grow Rich Academy, which provides students with step-by-step guidance in setting up lead-generating quizzes for companies and personal brands.

The Momentum Agency also provides grants to women who want to train as digital marketers as an altruistic push to offer more jobs to novices who show great potential and promise.

To learn more about The Momentum Agency, visit Tai's LinkedIn account.

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