Mom uses old pool noodles to turn home into stunning ‘life-size’ gingerbread house: ‘I’ve never seen someone decorate like this’

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A woman’s ongoing Christmas project has captured TikTok’s attention. 

Kristyn Cole has 602,000 followers on the platform. Since October, Cole has been documenting the process of turning her house into a “life-size gingerbread house for Christmas.” 

The crafter has been tirelessly hitting up stores like Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby for supplies to transform her home into a winter wonderland piece by piece. 

Most of Cole’s videos in the series have received millions of views, with one reaching 16.4 million. Here’s how the holiday home makeover is going so far. 

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First, Cole created gingerbread walls for her house. She covered long slabs of cardboard with GREAT STUFF Gaps and Cracks Insulating Foam Sealant. The foam looked just like frosting when it dried. 

Next, she sprayed it with high-gloss white spray paint. Cole then spray-painted 16-ounce to-go containers in pink and blue and hot-glued them onto the boards. It looked just like giant gumdrops dipped in icing.

After the “gumdrops and icing” dried, she secured them on the wall with mounting tape. Cole placed them around her window area and swapped the curtains for garland, which she secured with zip ties. 

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Cole stuffed pink paper lanterns with white tissue and strung them with fishing line to make giant-sized candies. Then she hung the candies up from the ceiling in her kitchen

She returned to the garland on her curtain rod and beefed it up with Christmas ornaments like lollipops, candy canes, snowflakes and gingerbread men. 

To create more candy decorations, Cole went “nuts” at Dollar Tree. 

She painted craft discs in pastel colors, then hot-glued on beads to look like sprinkles. She covered the discs in plastic wrap and tied each side with a hairband to make them look like wrapped candies. 

It just goes to show what a little imagination and a few dollar store items can do!

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