Mom uses clever metaphor to explain why she deserves more credit for making a baby

Stacey Reece finds "humor in motherhood and marriage" on TikTok. Reece went viral in February thanks to a tongue-in-cheek response she had for her husband. "My husband hates it when someone compliments our child, and I say, 'Thanks, I made her myself!'" she explained. "He's always like, 'Uh, don't you mean we made her? Nope! And here's why’”. "You simply provided me with an ingredient I needed for my recipe. I did all the rest," the mom said. "Just because I get chocolate chips from Walmart when I'm making cookies doesn't mean I then go around saying, 'Me and Walmart made chocolate chip cookies”. The mom's clever response snagged over 2 million views on TikTok. "Finally, someone puts [it in] words what I've tried to [say] forever," one person said. "He only provided one ingredient. Participation award," another added. "He practically put his name on a group project, and you did all the work," a user commented