Mom 'ugly cries' when she accidentally records baby's first word: 'What an amazing moment

A mother was shocked when she unexpectedly captured her baby's first word on camera — . and the footage is giving TikTok baby fever!. When mom and TikToker, Kourtney Green (@mrsgreen0919), sat down to record her 10-month-old, Lyla, standing up on her own, . she never expected to capture this huge milestone!. In fact, she was just jokingly trying to get Lyla to say "Mama," as Kourtney and her husband had an ongoing bet that it would be their baby's first word. But with a big toothless grin, Lyla clearly declared, "Mama!". Kourtney gasped, then exclaimed, "You said Mama!". The shocked mom went on to explain in her on-screen text, "[And] then I ugly cried cause I caught her 1st word on camera [and] it was Mama!". With over 2M views and counting, Kourtney's video was flooded with emotional comments. "Oh my GOSH, my heart…" gushed a user