Mom transforms Dollar Tree pumpkins into adorable holiday keepsakes

KD ( is a parent of two who loves sharing fun arts and crafts projects on TikTok. KD recently shared a Halloween-themed art project that’s fun for kids, perfect for parents on a budget, and produces a keepsake you’ll want to hang onto for years. In the video, KD shows how to make one-of-a-kind Halloween decorations by decorating wooden pumpkin cutouts with your child’s footprints and handprints. KD starts by grabbing three inexpensive wooden pumpkin cutouts from a dollar store. She paints one pumpkin orange, one purple, and one black, then paints each pumpkin’s stem a different color. Then, KD begins painting her children’s feet, placing them on the pumpkins until each pumpkin has two hand or foot imprints. Then, KD begins adding stickers, googly eyes, and other handmade decorations. Finally, KD writes the year on the back of each pumpkin, then attaches the pumpkins to each other with twine. Viewers couldn’t get enough of KD’s spooky and creative Halloween decorations. “So cute!” wrote one viewer