Mom takes '4 under 4' to the beach all by herself and films stunning TikTok

Mom and TikToker Heather Smith (@feathrheathr) recently filmed her daring trip to the beach, and now parents everywhere are picking their jaws off the floor. Heather begins by saying, "4 kids, 1 mom, go to the beach”. As we watch her video of the kids enjoying the beach, Heather explains each of her hacks and tips. "Water shoes because you're not carrying anybody through the hot sand”. “Only a few sand toys because they're carrying them to and from. Sand- and waterproof mat... Collapsible buckets were in my beach bag”. "We packed our lunch so we could eat before they get dry clothes on. I froze yogurt, water bottles, and pouches for ice packs, and then they ate them”. "Quick-dry towels, and while they dried off, I started loading the wagon back up. Powder in a sock hack to remove all the sticky sand”. “Dry clothes in a wet bag so when you take the dry clothes out, you put the wet clothes in. And we're loaded back up”. TikTok parents were stunned by Heather's video. "Mothers should be in charge of the world. Military precision. Y’all know how to handle stuff," one comment said