Mom shares ‘before and after’ photos of daughter on first day of school

Lucie, a 5-year-old student from Glasgow, Scotland. came home from her first day at Neilston Primary School looking a bit different than she did when her mother, Jillian Falconer, sent her off that morning. Falconer told Barrhead News she captured her daughter’s looks both before and after the big day in a stunning set of contrasting images that have since gone viral. The first image shows little Lucie looking prim and proper in her pressed uniform, rocking a big smile and perfectly combed hair adorned with a bow. The second photo depicts Lucie as her mother picked her up from class, with a completely disheveled uniform, messy hair and weary look on her face. The comical photos have since racked up 23K reactions and over 13K shares on Facebook, as well as more than 6K comments from users who can relate to the girl’s situation. “That’s what I look like when I get home from school, and I’m the teacher!” one woman wrote