Mom shares hack to keep strawberries fresh in the fridge for two weeks

Strawberries are softer than other fruits, and sponge-like. That means they absorb any moisture they come in contact with, making them mushy and quicker to spoil. Kathleen Ashmore is a mother and home chef who shares healthy recipes on TikTok. Ashmore dropped a mind-blowing trick to ensure your strawberries last as long as possible. "PSA: Don't waste money on berries that last two days," Ashmore said. "Would you believe that these strawberries have been in my fridge for two weeks”. The mom had a bowl of vibrant, red strawberries that looked like they were just bought fresh. "The secret is regular white vinegar, which kills the mold inside of berries to make them last longer," Ashmore explained. "Soak them in the solution for five minutes, strain and store. Game-changing." She advised using a 1-to-10 ratio of vinegar to water. Ashmore said she normally opts for a half cup of vinegar and five cups of cold water. When someone asked if the strawberries will taste like vinegar, she clarified, "They really don't. I don't even bother rinsing them usually, and they are fine” . People loved the berry-saving hack. "Thank you for this. My berries never last and it's so frustrating," one user said