Mom shares hack for 'free' Starbucks kids drinks

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A mom is going viral after sharing

her hack for “free” children’s

drinks at Starbucks.

The parent, who goes by Ana Garcia

on social media, shared a video of

the “genius” trick on TikTok.

In the clip, Garcia, recording from a Starbucks drive-thru, shows how she prepares her kids’ drinks after picking up a coffee for herself.

“So I’m at Starbucks, and my kids think that

I’m getting them something,” Garcia says.

“But what they don’t

know won’t hurt them”.

The mom then turns her camera

to reveal her order, which includes

two free cups of ice water.

She then begins pouring orange Kool-Aid powder into the beverages — creating her own version of a cost-free “Starbucks drink”.

Garcia has earned plenty of praise for her solution to avoid paying for extra drinks.

which for example, could include $2.55 for a tall lemonade or $2.95 for a tall orange refresher, according to HackTheMenu.

Many TikTok users called the

stunt “genius” and a “money saver”

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