Mom shares brilliant hack for sanitizing baby toys and other delicate items

Lindsay Roggenbuck (@lindsayroggenbuck) is a parent who’s always on the lookout for useful life hacks and must-have products. Parents with young kids will particularly love one of her hacks, which shows a quick and easy way to clean baby toys using a mesh laundry bag. “My absolute favorite use for [mesh laundry bags] is to throw my kiddo’s toys right in these bags and then throw them right in the wash” . The video shows Lindsay filling up a mesh laundry bag with a variety of colorful plastic toys and small stuffed animals. After filling the bag, Lindsay simply zips it up and tosses it in the washing machine, noting it’s “such a simple way to disinfect your toys. Disinfecting baby toys regularly is more important than you might think. If left unwashed, toys can become moldy and spread all kinds of unpleasant germs, including the germs that cause colds and flu. Fortunately, Lindsay’s hack is a huge timesaver, because it lets you wash toys in big batches, instead of cleaning them individually