Mom saves empty baby wipe containers to hide light switches and outlets from her toddler: ‘Omg that is a smart idea’

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This TikTok parent came up with a clever hack for using baby wipe containers to keep her toddler away from outlets and light switches!

Jacqueline Wieser (@jackquelinexwieser) is a parent who shares videos of her adorable toddler, along with the occasional parenting hack, on TikTok.

One creative hack that Jacqueline swears by involves using a surprising object to keep her toddler from touching light switches and outlets: baby wipe containers!


Hide your lights and power points from your toddlers with these baby wipe lids #babyhacks #babywipes

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“Here’s a little life hack that I discovered,” Jacqueline says in the video. “Don’t throw away your old baby wipe [containers]!”

Instead, Jacqueline recommends pulling the lids off of used baby wipe containers and using them to cover light switches and power outlets.

Jacqueline demonstrates her hack using an old baby wipe container. She starts by removing the lid from a container, then presses it onto a light switch plate, covering the switches.

The lid has an adhesive backing which allows Jacqueline to stick it directly onto the light switch plate, though you can also reinforce it with extra adhesive strips for additional security.

Once the lid is attached to the light switch, Jacqueline demonstrates how it can be easily closed to hide the light switch, and snapped open to use it.

Many viewers expressed their appreciation for the useful hack in the comments.

“Wow, that’s so cool. I’m going to use that idea for the playroom. The kids [are] always turning on the lights. Thank you,” one grateful parent wrote.

“Thanks for that. Never thought of it,” wrote another viewer.

However, some viewers were skeptical.

“I’m already using this hack… my toddler [just] pulls it out anyway,” wrote one frustrated parent.

“Genius… Until they discover how to open it,” wrote another viewer.

Baby wipe lids might not pose much of a physical challenge to a determined toddler. But the genius of Jacqueline’s hack is that it serves a psychological rather than physical purpose. The lids hide light switches and outlets from curious toddlers, which reduces the temptation to play with them. Out of sight, out of mind!

Of course, babies start developing object permanence at as young as 2 months, which means they understand and remember that objects continue to exist even if they have disappeared from sight. By the time your baby grows into a toddler, they’ll likely remember that the light switches are there, whether or not you cover them. If your tot has a particular fixation with light switches, Jacqueline’s hack might not be enough to distract them.

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