Mom has parents 'jealous' over her DIY cardboard play kitchen

TikTok mom Myriam Sandler got creative with her leftover packaging and made an elaborate toy kitchen for her kids. While Sandler didn’t share how she created the kitchen, she did show before and after footage. What began as a pile of unused boxes was quickly transformed into a whole play setup. The kitchen included an oven, stove, sink and cupboard. Sandler included pots and pans, but she kept the aesthetic simple. Most of the details were added with duct tape and a black Sharpie marker. Kids love playing with empty boxes. After all, there was an entire Rugrats episode about it decades ago. A cardboard kitchen is practically a child’s dream come true. The blank canvas allows little ones to get super imaginative, and they can draw or color on it. Parents on TikTok also loved Sandler’s creative idea. “OK, I’m jealous now,” a user said. “It’s nicer than my real kitchen,” another added