Mom of newborn qualifies for U.S. Olympic trials in stunning 32-minute 10k: 'Why am I bawl

Runner Makenna Myler qualified for the U.S. Olympic trials a mere seven months after giving birth to her daughter — . and the footage is bringing TikTokers to tears!. Makenna completed the women's 10-kilometer race at the Portland Track Festival last week. She finished the race in 32:03 minutes, surpassing the required 32:25 minute minimum to qualify. The Portland event was the participants' last chance to make it into the U.S. Olympic trials, which will be held from June 18 to June 27. Footage of Makenna's incredible run was captured by her husband Mike Myler on TikTok. Makenna ran as Mike cheered her on with their daughter Kenny Lou. "You have no idea what your mom can do," he said to their newborn daughter, tucked in a baby carrier. "We're going?!" Makenna said as she embraced her daughter in her arms. It was only a matter of time before the emotional video went viral, earning over 2 million views on TikTok. "I love the message that you can still achieve your dreams and have kids," someone wrote