Mom lets son safely experience independence in solo bike ride on first day of school

A mother caused a rift between her children after she sold the family home to one and not the other. She asked Reddit's "Am I the A******" forum for advice. Her son Henry and daughter Lisa were both looking to move into bigger homes. The mother and her husband decided to sell the house to Henry at a huge discount. When Lisa found out she felt betrayed. The mother thought she came up with the perfect solution. That was until she heard Lisa's reaction. "She was enraged when I told her and said that we should've offered to sell our house to her too since she's looking for a bigger place too (she didn't tell us this)" . "I told her that Henry and Abigail need the space more because they have kids and she's single and childless". Reddit users didn't think what the mom did was fair. "You're the a****** for giving one-fourth of your children $2 million and three-fourths of your children nothing," one person said