Mom lets son safely experience independence with solo bike ride on first day of school: ‘This made me cry’

When you’re a parent, letting go is never easy. As kids get older, they seem to move further and further away from the nest. The first day of school is often the first time kids go off to navigate the world on their own.

This mom showed how she gave her little boy some independence without ever leaving his side. Taryn Newton is a mother of four boys. When it was her son’s first day of school, he made a special request. The little boy wanted to ride his bike there. The mom accommodated him, although she did have one caveat.

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“It was my son’s first day of school yesterday, and he wanted to ride his bike. I followed him the whole way there,” Newton said.

As the boy cycled down the suburban sidewalks, the mom rode alongside him in her car. It was her way of giving him a little freedom while still keeping him safe.

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The touching video received 1.6 million likes and 6.9 million views.

“Wow, this made me cry! The true meaning of letting go but always being there for them in case they need you,” someone commented.

“Independence and safety,” another wrote.

“I wouldn’t be able to drive through my tears,” a user said.

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