A mom is going viral for making people feel "seen and valid" at Pride, and TikTok is in tears

TikTok in tears as a mom goes viral for making people feel "seen and valid" at Pride. Posted by her daughter, Amber Taylor (@hey_atay), this emotional footage has now been viewed over 3.5M times. the comment section has been flooded with over 12K heartfelt responses. In the video, Amber's mom holds a sign that reads, "If your parents aren't accepting of your identity, I'm your Mom now... ...Drink some water. Wear your seatbelt. Make sure you eat. I love you!". And judging by the reactions to Mom's sign, it's clear this is a message many people needed to receive. After reading her sign, complete strangers pull Amber's mom in for a tight embrace, often with eyes full of tears. TikTokers, deeply moved by Amber's video, jumped in the comments to praise her loving mom. "There is so much emotion behind each one of those hugs. They needed that hug. So happy you’re doing this," one user wrote. If there's one thing our world needs more of, it's love, kindness, and acceptance!. We should all be thankful for people like Amber and her mom working hard to spread love to their fellow human