Mom gets 'innovative' when toddler has 'growing pains' away from home

Growing pains aren't just a metaphor for coming of age, they're actually real. When children's bodies are still developing, they can experience aches and throbs in the legs, thighs, calves and behind the knees. These growing pains tend to occur at night and can be so uncomfortable that children can't sleep or wake up in the middle of the night. While growing pains exist, there's no evidence that growth is actually painful. The aches can be attributed to the overuse of muscles during the day which can be stressful on a young child's musculoskeletal system. A mother was forced to get creative when her toddler started experiencing growing pains while they were away from home. "When you're staying in a hotel and your toddler wakes up with growing pains, but you have no Tylenol and it's 1 a.m., you get innovative". "Cold water bottle, elevated legs, hot bath and a wrap with a hair tie," @alandrrr_ said in a TikTok video. The mom wrapped a towel around her kid's aching ankle and secured it with a hair tie. She propped the toddler's legs on a pillow and made sure to keep the little one hydrated. "I had no idea that was actually a thing," one person commented