Mom forces kids to eat Skittles for a 'solid month'

A mom fed her kids Zombie Skittles for an entire month before realizing what they were, and now her post is going viral. Mom and photographer Emily Massingill gained over 100,000 likes, 32,000 comments and 89,000 shares when she posted her story on Facebook. Now, Emily's comical mistake is making the rounds online. "I fed these skittles to my kids for a solid month not realizing there is one Skittle in there that tastes like rotting flesh or 54 dirty diapers in the garbage". The mom's post gained so much traction — and so much backlash — that she felt the need to edit the post to add more details. "I don’t give my kids candy EVERY DAY. But for a month, when they did get candy, this is what they got". Emily's post received a mixed bag of reactions. Some parents thought the story was hilarious, while others took issue with her methods. "Poor kid will have Skittles PTSD later in life. Her traumatized face is cracking me up," one parent wrote, laughing emojis in tow