New mom flips camera around to capture difference between her perspective and newborn's

This parent posted a video to show what she sees while cuddling her baby versus what her newborn sees, and it’s hilarious. TikToker and mom Alissa J. Owens (@alissaj.owens) had TikTok in stitches over this video. The funny clip begins with a shot of her adorable yet somewhat perplexed-looking infant snuggled in her lap from Owens’ point of view. The words “What I see vs. my newborn” are written on-screen. The baby grows more quizzical looking, with his tiny hand perched underneath his chin as though he’s thinking hard about the situation that’s occurring. “Hi!” Owens murmurs off-screen as the camera cuts to reveal a hilarious shot of her, presumably from her newborn’s point of view. Her goofy smile, coupled with her exaggerated double chin, messy hair, and coos to her baby, make the infant’s expression all the more hilarious. Viewers all over TikTok got a good laugh over the endearing video. “And he thinks you’re the best view to look at ever,” one user assured