Mom faces backlash over her daughter’s all-white wedding outfit: ‘Are you a parent or not?’

A mom’s 1-year-old refuses to wear anything but a white dress to a family wedding.

The mother shared the problem on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. Her sister is getting married and, like many brides, doesn’t want anyone else to wear white at the ceremony. But the mom insists that her daughter will only wear a white dress to the wedding.

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“For context my daughter is around 1 and a half years old,” the mother wrote. “And my sisters wedding is in September, so we’ve started planning outfits. Her favourite word is currently no, and whilst I tried multiple dresses on her she would say no repeatedly.”

“Until her dad brought out, what he called, ‘a princess dress’ and that immediately got her attention. the only problem is, it was white with pink and purple flowers on, but now she refused to put any other dress on, apart from her ‘princess dress’.”

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“I spoke to my sister about it, and she really wasn’t happy. I tried to explain she’s a baby, and I didn’t see it as much as a big deal, since it wasn’t completely white. She just went on about her taking the spot light, but I don’t know what else to do and tried to explain how my daughter won’t change dresses.”

“My sister told me if that’s the case, then I should not bring my daughter, her only niece, to her special day. I think it’s incredibly unfair, but, what else can I do?”

People felt the mom was shirking her responsibility as a parent a bit.

“Info: why is your one year old in charge? Are you a parent or not?” a Redditor commented.

“If you are letting an one year old call the shots, wait until this one year old is a teenager,” another wrote.

“Are you really saying you’re letting a 1 year old rule you?” a person added.

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