New mom enrages husband after giving him a nightly ‘curfew’

A wife set a curfew for her husband when he refused to help her raise their newborn. She asked Reddit's "Am I the A******" (AITA) forum for help. Her husband goes to work and leaves all the household duties and child-rearing to her. Meanwhile, she is finishing her last semester of college and is a full-time housewife and mother. But every time she asks for help, he snaps at her. She thought a curfew would be the best compromise so that she could do things like take a shower and submit assignments on time. But the curfew only caused more conflict. "When he told his brothers and coworkers about his curfew I was immediately labeled as a controlling, nagging b**** of a wife" . Reddit users thought the husband's behavior was a huge red flag. "He needs to man up and act like the father he is," a user said