Mom convinces TikTok her house is spotless, then reveals the cluttered truth

One TikTok mom made it seem like she was about to share helpful organizing hacks for kids’ toys, only to reveal that her ‘tidy’ house isn’t what it appears to be. TikTok mom @peruxican has fooled millions of people with her hilarious video — not only for its impressive execution, but for its powerful relatability. She starts her video by walking through her seemingly-spotless house and saying, “Some people ask how I keep such a tidy house with two kids”. “Step one: I only buy enough toys that will fit in that basket,” she says, as she points to a small trunk with a dinosaur-print lid. “Step two: they are allowed to have a work station, but everything has to stay here,” she continues, gesturing to a tiny kids’ table with neatly arranged workbooks and pencils. Then, she pivots, panning the camera as she says, “And just like that, there’s no clutter! Follow for more tips!”. as she says these final lines, her camera reveals the truth: a cluttered corner bursting with kids’ toys and games. But, judging by the video’s popularity, it’s clear that parents everywhere caught — and loved! — this TikTok mom’s message