Mom blames healthcare system after son goes blind from diet

The mother of a British teen who went legally blind after eating a diet of potato chips and french fries . says she blames the U.K.’s healthcare system for her son’s illness. Kerry James, whose son, Harvey Dyer, developed a rare form of malnutrition-based blindness in his early teens, . made the comments on the U.K.’s ITV channel. She told the program’s hosts that doctors “could have saved” her son’s sight if they had realized he had a vitamin A deficiency. The 18-year-old also suffers from a rare eating disorder called avoidant-restrictive food intake disorder. The disease makes it difficult for people to stomach certain foods based on sensory traits, such as smell, texture or flavor. as a result, the teenager’s diet consisted almost entirely of Pringles, chocolate candy, french fries and fried, processed meats for years. Urusula Philpot, a dietician who appeared on ITV with the family, agreed that doctors had ignored certain aspects of Dyer’s case. She said he should have been given vitamins via injections, as his eating disorder made swallowing certain foods very difficult