Mom begs parents to check for potentially-lethal button batteries: 'Let's save our babies'

In October 2020, 17-month-old Reese Hamsmith woke up "snotty, wheezy, not herself". Trista, Reese's mom, immediately called their pediatrician and brought the lethargic toddler in. She was diagnosed with croup, prescribed medicine and sent home. But unbeknownst to the doctor, Reese's body was burning from the inside out, caused by a button battery lodged in the toddler's throat. It was only later, when Reese's parents noticed a battery missing from their remote, that the severity of the situation revealed itself. Despite numerous medical procedures and a prolonged stay in the hospital, Reese sadly lost her fight in early December 2020. Reese's family is begging parents to learn about button batteries and how to prevent their ingestion to save others from the heartbreak they're living with. Button batteries are the small, flat, round batteries generally used in portable devices that you’d find around the home. They are most commonly used in watches, car remotes, and hearing aids

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